We are proud of our distinguished multidisciplinary, bipartisan team of lawyers, lobbyists, investment advisors, and public relations specialists.
Alumni of our firm have gone on to serve in top roles in the White House and Administration.

Nick Muzin


Nicolas Muzin, MD, JD, is the Founder and Chairman of Stonington Global, where he focuses on strategic international advisory and private equity work and practices as an attorney...

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Alex Shively

Director of Legislative Initiatives

Alex Shively has served in Congress for 15 years for Members of both the House and Senate including Senators Saxby Chambliss...

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Dan Huff

Corporate Counsel

Dan Huff has served as senior advisor in the White House and General Deputy Assistant Secretary for Enforcement at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development...

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Chad Wilbanks

Texas and Florida State Operations

Chad Wilbanks has more than 25 years of experience in advising elected officials, corporations, law firms, non-profits, community leaders, and has led the crisis communications effort…

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Eric Robson

Director of International Development Initiatives

Eric Robson is the former Ambassador of the Republic of Madagascar to the United States and the former Chief Executive Officer of the...

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Karl Notturno

Special Projects

Karl Notturno has years of experience in politics, advocacy campaigns and technology. He has worked on strategies for foreign countries navigating...

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Frank Vitello

Federal Affairs

Frank Vitello has successfully led legislative and policy efforts at the federal and state level, managed issue campaigns nationally and locally...

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Charlie Buckels

State Operations

Charlie Buckels has advocated for candidates, issues, financial services and law enforcement for over 30 years. He is accomplished at establishing business and...

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Jess Sadick

Senior Advisor

Jess Sadick has over 25 years of diverse experience in Washington, DC, spanning the Federal government, non-profit, and political advocacy arenas...

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Morgan Neuhoff

Deputy Director of Coalitions

Morgan Neuhoff worked as a State Association Advocacy Manager for the National Association of Convenience Stores where she developed and executed programs...

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